Camper van storage solutions and organisation tips

Whether you live in yours full-time or simply use it for your weekend adventures, one of the most challenging parts of owning a camper van is storage. Making sure you know exactly where everything goes will stop you from making a mess every time you need to find something. 

But with limited space available in a camper van, this begs the question – where can you put all the things you need without overwhelming the space? Here are some smart storage solutions and organisation tips to help you out.

Cheap DIY camper van storage

Camper van storage: Hanging jars, magnetic strips and baskets

There are plenty of cheap hacks that will add extra storage space to your camper van.

Hanging jars

These are perfect for storing those bits and bobs in your camper van. Simply screw or stick the lid of a mason jar to the underside of a cabinet, fill the jar up and screw it back into the lid to store it away safely! You can keep spices, dry food, drawing pins and paper clips in your hanging jars, for example.

Bedside caddy

If you need a bedside table but lack enough space in your camper van for it, consider using a hanging caddy instead. It’s the perfect spot for your phone, remotes, chargers, and reading glasses, keeping them within reach as you would with a bedside stand.

Storage pillows

Winter jumpers, blankets and other large fabrics can take up scarce storage space in your camper van. Remove them from view whilst they’re not needed by folding them up and storing them in pillow covers. Then, use them as decorative pillows for your bed or sofa until you need them next.

Camper van cabinet, drawer and closet storage

Person using spice rack storage whilst cooking in camper van

When organised properly, cabinets, closets, and drawers can hold even more than you’d expect.

Can dispenser

A can dispenser keeps all your canned goods are in one place, stopping them from rattling around when you’re driving. You can put one in your fridge, too, to keep your canned drinks in one place.

Magnetic knife rack

Install a magnetic knife rack on one of your camper van walls to free up drawer space. This will also ensure your knives remain sharp throughout your adventures, since they won’t be clanging around with other items in the drawers.

Hanging wardrobe storage

With space-saving hangers or hanging shelves that attach to the closet rod, you can store your jumpers, shirts and other clothing items vertically in your wardrobe. This is the perfect solution for camper vans that don’t come with drawers for clothes.

Magazine rack

If you have magazine holders you no longer use, repurpose them for your camper van! You can hang narrow magazine holders on the inside of cabinet doors to hold foil or baking paper. A wider magazine holder can go in your bathroom, where you can use it as a tissue roll holder.

Stackable containers

Use stackable containers to store dry goods and make the most of all available space. You can stack smaller containers together while you place the larger ones next to each other, to ensure no space goes wasted.

Tension rods

Tension rods can transform just about any space in your camper van. Hang them in a large cabinet to create a hanging shelf, or place two rods in front of a bookshelf to ensure everything inside remains in place during your travels. Another option is to hang some tension rods in your bathroom cabinet, to add space to hang your cleaning cloths, gloves and spray bottles by the nozzle.

Camper van bathroom storage solutions

Shelves and cabinets in small bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest space in your camper van and yet one of the most important ones.

Hanging pocket organisers

In-shower storage is always in short supply in camper vans. Hanging pocket organisers are highly advised by product guides, to keep products like shampoos and shower gel within reach.

In-cabinet shelves

If your camper van’s bathroom has tall cabinets, install in-cabinet shelves to maximise the empty space. This will give you more room for your towels and other bathroom products. If you’ve still got space left over, consider using stackable shelves for even more storage.

Wall, door and ceiling storage

Person reading next to hanging pockets in camper van

Avoid items cluttering up your table and sofas by converting your doors, walls, and ceilings into storage spaces.

Over-the-door shoe organisers

If you’re the kind of person who needs several pairs of shoes while on the road, installing an over-the-door organiser will ensure you have enough space for your collection. Got more space in the organiser than you need for your shoes? Use the extra space to store small items, such as a hairbrush or toys for your kids.

Command hooks and strips

Command hooks and strips are some of the most convenient storage items for a camper van. With these hooks and strips, you can hang lots of things on the walls without causing damage. Mount two hooks to use as kitchen tissue or clingfilm holders, for example. The hooks can also be used for your hats, coats, pots and towels.

Another idea is to hang a basket or hammock on the ceiling using a command hook.

Fruit baskets and hammocks

Hang a fruit basket on the underside of storage cabinets to maximise all available storage space. You can store anything from fruits to chargers inside, which will reduce clutter on your surfaces.

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