5 top ways to save money on your heating bill

Lots of us have been reigning in our spending during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, there has been a 34% decrease in the amount of people installing, servicing and repairing their boilers over the past year. But what many homeowners don’t know is that getting a new boiler can save you up to £305 on your annual heating bill, and making sure an older one is in good health is essential for keeping your home safe.

Here are the 5 most effective ways that you can make your home more fuel efficient, plus some crucial information on why it’s important to maintain your boiler.

1. Invest in your boiler

Person adjusting boiler temperature

Whether you upgrade to a more energy efficient model or book a regular service to keep it fuel efficient, there’s lots of things you can do to make sure your boiler isn’t adding unnecessary costs to your heating bill.

Benefits of getting a new boiler

  • Save money: A new boiler with a Class A energy efficiency label could save you up to £305 annually (depending on the size of your home) according to Uswitch.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Newer boilers are better for the environment, as they are legally required to have an 88% energy efficiency rating.
  • Get more control: Many modern boilers are compatible with smart heating controls, which allow you to customise your heating habits at the touch of a button.

Benefits of servicing your boiler

  • Improved health and safety of your home: Every year, there are hundreds of hospitalisations due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This can be caused if your boiler isn’t combusting fuel safely. Any faults should be spotted during a service.
  • Maintains your warranty or business insurance policy: If you don’t get your boiler serviced regularly, many providers will void your warranty or business insurance policy. Check with your provider to see how often you need to get yours done.
  • Extends the lifespan of your boiler: The more often you get yours serviced, the quicker a gas and heating engineer can spot any potential problems before they become more expensive to fix – or, outright unfixable.

Thinking of upgrading your boiler or need an annual service? Connect with a vetted gas and heating engineer on Rated People.

2. Get a smart thermostat

Person adjusting heating schedule on smartphone

Smart thermostats help you track your energy use and manage your heating – even when you’re not at home! Most models give you feedback on your heating usage and point out areas where you can improve.

They also have special features that make sure you’re not using up unnecessary energy. An example is multi-room control, which allows you to heat different rooms individually. Read more about how smart thermostats can save you money.

An expert heating engineer on Rated People can advise you on the best smart heating system for your budget.

3. Insulate cavity walls

Terrace of residential homes

Did you know that one third of heat loss is through uninsulated walls? If you have cavity walls, which are made up of two walls with a gap between them (a cavity), then install wall insulation to keep heat from escaping through them. So, you won’t need to keep your heating on for as long as you usually would.

Connect with a thermal insulation specialist to install wall insulation throughout your home.

4. Upgrade to energy efficient windows

Kitchen with multiple window looking into garden

If you haven’t already, then upgrade your windows to double or triple-glazed ones. Each pane of glass is separated by a gap filled with insulating air. This reduces the amount of heat that leaves your home. Plus, all new uPVC, timber or aluminium windows must have a Window Energy rating of C or above (A++ windows are the most energy-efficient).

Wondering whether you should go for triple glazing or whether double glazing will be enough? Speak to a local window fitter on Rated People for advice.

5. Install roof or loft insulation

Modern loft bathroom

With 25% of heat in your home escaping through your roof if it’s uninsulated, it’s an important place to look at if you want to save money on your heating bill. Roof/loft insulation traps the heat that rises from the lower levels of your house. This is particularly essential for making a loft conversion warm and cosy!

A roofer on Rated People can install insulation that’s effective for 40 years on average!

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  1. Im just trying to get CHEAP Solar panels.Im aware of the governments Green energy grant BUT I cant get a company to quote for the work!!

    1. Hi Luke, sometimes some jobs posted on Rated People aren’t picked up as quickly as others, due to seasonality and availability. You can try updating your job with more information and an adjusted budget, if relevant, to attract more tradespeople. If you still don’t get a response, visit our Ask an Expert section to ask real tradespeople for advice about what more you can do to improve your job post. You can also try posting your job again, at a later date.

  2. My walls are cold on one side of the house End of terraced, the house had thick rubber/vinyl wallpaper before was probably acting as insulation outside wall is pebbledash
    Newly plastered and painted too

    1. Hi Amj, you might be interested in insulating your walls to stop heat from escaping through them. If you have solid walls, then you could install external wall insulation on top of the pebble dash. Or if you have cavity walls, then you should be able to get those insulated too – speak to an expert tradesperson for specific advice for your home.

      At the moment, the government is offering a Green Homes Grant voucher to cover two thirds of the cost of installing insulation in your home, including both solid (internal and external) and cavity wall insulation. You can find out more about how wall insulation works and the average cost here –

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