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Minimalist room designs

Stripped back, minimalist rooms can transform your mindset, helping you to feel calmer and at peace. This barely-there aesthetic can be defined by a careful, meaningful selection of objects, furniture and decor that are important to you. Over time minimalism has evolved, absorbing other design cues and aesthetics such as farmhouse, industrial and boho, so it doesn’t have to feel like a plain or austere interior design choice. In need of some minimalist room inspiration for 2021? We love these house design ideas below.

Scandinavian style living room with design armchair, black mock up poster frame, commode, wooden stool, book, decoration, loft wall and personal accessories

Declutter regularly and build enough storage

We’ve all heard it before, but if you find yourself overwhelmed by your home, life or possessions, you’re probably in need of a clear out. We all hold onto things that we don’t use, but minimalism is all about paring back and trying to find freedom in less. That said, kids’ toys and other objects have a way of hanging around. So, if you’re striving for a minimalist space but can’t bring yourself to throw things away, invest in clever storage solutions that also look the part.

Home office cabinet with rattan boxes, plants and letter trays

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Introduce a tonal colour palette

Pale green interior design

The go-to minimalist colour choices – crisp white, black and white, or shades of grey – can look sleek and stylish. However, minimalism isn’t anti-colour. Introduce a monochrome colour scheme or use several shades of the same hue within a single room. This year, we’re seeing a trend for earthy tones and shades of blue, including midnight and navy. 

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Add statement accessories and furniture that will last

Wooden furniture in room, including retro commode, chair, tropical plant in rattan pot, basket and elegant personal accessories

Personalise your space with key pieces you love. Handcrafted objects, sculptural artworks and furniture inspired by natural forms are trending for a reason. We’re becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and want to connect with nature. Many people are choosing to rent or invest in ‘green’ furniture, made on a small scale that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, find second-hand pieces you can give a new lease of life through upcycling.

Combine your favourite aesthetics

Minimalist dark loft interior in country house

There are never any rules you need to follow. So, if you like the idea of a minimalist home but you’re drawn to other styles of interiors, bring them together and make it your own original style. We love this contemporary loft interior, fusing an industrial aesthetic with stripped back home decor. It has personality, but feels minimalist – with statement objects and features, no clutter and a simple colour palette.

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