Our new brand and logo unveiled

The secret’s out! We’ve lifted the lid on our brand new logo and design and we hope you like what you see.

We’ve made some changes to deliver an even better service and stay ahead as the UK’s no.1 home services marketplace. Over 1,000,000 jobs are posted on our site every year by ambitious homeowners looking to improve their homes and over 50,000 tradespeople use us to find work, grow their reputation and expand their business. It’s something we’re proud of, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve got one mission and that’s to connect good homeowners to good tradespeople to help deliver better homes, better work and better lives.

A makeover for our site and apps

Our site and apps have been given a lick of paint to make them even easier to use. You’ll notice new app names and icons that have come hot on the heels of us rolling out new features. If you’re looking to post a job on the move, it’s our ‘Homes’ app that you’ll need (downloadable on both iOS and Android).
If you’re a tradesperson, check out our revamped ‘Trades’ app for iOS and Android – now with new quick view & buy and report a lead features. Buy a job lead in 2 quick clicks and report this lead to us for your money back if you can’t contact the homeowner and quote. You can read all about it here.
We’ve also looked at how easy it is to post a job and sign up as a tradesperson through our site. Put simply, we’ve tackled the plumbing and made the whole process smoother – explaining things better wherever we can. For example, for cleaners, we’ve changed how jobs are categorised by splitting up our Domestic house cleaning option into three:

  • Domestic house cleaning: one off
  • Domestic house cleaning: regular
  • End of tenancy

This is just a quick example of how we’re helping tradespeople to find the work they’re really interested in and encouraging homeowners to be specific about what they need.

A brand new logo

On our homepage, the first thing you’ll notice is a cleaner logo. It was important to make the transition to a new identity as smooth as possible for you. That meant making sure you could still recognise us! The speech bubble has been part of our logo for the last 11 years, as has the colour green, so you’ll see both of those things making an appearance in the new design.

Connecting with you

For the first time, we have two homepages – one for homeowners and one for tradespeople. You can now get straight to the heart of how we can help you – whether you’re wanting to improve your home, or expand your business. To switch from homeowner to tradesperson, just click the ‘Find out how’ button at the very top of the page. On both pages, you’ll find links to our blog in the top nav. We’ve given it the TLC it deserves.
new homeowner homepage
tradesperson homepage

Changes on our blog

We’ve made some changes to our blog which we hope you’ll like. We started by giving it a new look and have made it easier to read on mobile and tablet. But that’s just for starters…

If you’re looking for some design ideas – we’ve got an area dedicated to Inspiration.

Our new Community section is focused on bringing our homeowners and tradespeople together through great articles, personal stories and behind-the-scenes life at Rated People. And if you’re interested in how we view our industry and the challenges we face, you’ll find posts from our CEO and other members of our senior management team in the Leadership section. The first post is by our CMO explaining the reasons behind our changes and what it means for us as a brand.

Keep your eyes peeled for Trade (coming soon) – this is where you’ll find posts dedicated to our tradespeople, as we feature all sorts of tips from building up trust in your business to business tips to combat a quiet period. It’s right around the corner – we’re just applying the finishing touches.

Added value for our tradespeople

As a tradesperson, membership gives you access to thousands of job leads every month but we wanted to give you something that’s valuable even when your diary’s full and you’re not looking for leads.

We now have two types of member benefits.

One is included with every basic membership plan and gives you discounts on things like insurance and vans.

The second is member benefits premium – a reward for our members signing up, from today, to one of our annual plans. It’s a collection of over 190 exclusive offers and discounts including a free fuel card saving you 5p a litre at all the major petrol stations, free breakdown cover and up to 40% discount at Jewson, as well as discounts at hundreds of well-known high street brands.

Tell us what you think

Whether you’re a tradesperson or homeowner, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our changes in the comments below. Welcome to a new chapter at Rated People – we can’t wait to keep working on our own dream build, brick by brick.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our new-look site now or find us on Facebook.


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    1. Hi Chris,

      Although we’ve got a new look, we’ve put a lot of work into making the site simpler, quicker and easier to use. We’ve also updated our apps, making it easier to access job leads and find work on the go. Our new design means new and improved user journeys across both the site and apps. If you have specific questions, our Customer care are happy to help at


  1. Through your website I found an excellent carpenter who is fitting my new garage doors on Saturday. I will post my comments on the quality of his work on completion.

    1. I’m having a nightmare with on every of your tradesman!! I’ve trued updating my reviews and it is not updating a very unhappy and ripped of customer

  2. Rted people do not have recipts no vat cowboy jobs no admin no plan .
    Had hired and found out also they make it worse to continue further repairs or more damage done.

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry to read you’re having problems with a tradesperson that uses us. So that we can help you further, can you drop our Customer care team an email to [email protected] with a bit more information on what has happened. I’d also encourage you to leave a rating on the tradesperson’s account to make others aware of your experience.


  3. Is it true that tradespeople can remove comments / ratings that they don’t like to boost their individual score?

    1. Hi there,

      In short, the answer is no. We allow homeowners to leave non-biased reviews based on their experience with a tradesperson, be it positive or negative. There is no way we would remove a rating on the grounds it’s negative or a tradesperson does not like it. We have strict guidelines to follow, and we will remove a rating if it contains swearwords, racism or is a personal attack on the tradesperson’s character (opposed to the work carried out).

      If you’d like to discuss further, our Customer care team can be contacted at


      1. I have seen a trades persons account with negative feedback in December which has subsequently been removed. I can provide details of the tradesperson.
        Its a fact feedback is being removed – not sure of the mechanism. There isn’t even an indication as to the fact feedback has been removed or censored.

        1. Hi Mark, we only remove feedback if it breaches guidelines. When this happens, we email the person who left the feedback to let them know. Our customer services team will be happy to look into that account you mention, if you were unsure why feedback was removed. You can reach them directly by emailing [email protected].

  4. Love your ideas so helpful to have trustworthy and professional tradesmen when you need them…just had some work done up to now it’s been a refreshing experience

  5. Placed a post last week for kitchen and shower fitter – only received 1 reply. Very disappointed!

    1. Hi Heather,

      We put you in touch with up to three tradespeople – while this can be no more than three, the average is 1-2. If you’d like three responses, we would normally recommend updating your job but this can only happen while the job is still live in the system. If you’d like to discuss, our Customer care team would be happy to have a chat with you and can be contacted through

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi,
    one observation is that its impossible to leave a rating / write up on a job done by your Rated professionals This sort of misses the whole point of your business model and results in your rated professionals having very few valuable ratings.
    Clearly a web site designed by young techies who value easy links to Facebook etc rather than what your business needs.

    Yours an ex business system designer.

    1. Hi Chris,

      To give a rating, you’ll need to log in to your account or launch the Homes mobile app and select ‘My jobs’ from the main navigation to view the list of jobs you’ve posted through Rated People. After that, select the job from the list and click the ‘Rate’ button for the tradesperson who completed the work. A tradesperson can also send you an email prompt to leave a rating. If you have this, you’ll just need to click the tradesperson/company name in the email and follow the instructions. If you still have trouble, our Customer care team are here to help and can be contacted at Glad to hear you’re so keen to rate!


  7. Nice and clear, but still required me to set a budget. I have no idea how much a job is likely to cost, and my experience shows that the quotes I get are for the amount I say my budget is, which is rather suspicious, as I am sure I do not estimate correctly every time. We either need the option of an ‘unknown’ budget, or some help knowing how much a job is likely to cost.

  8. I will under no circumstances have any dealings with face book. does this mean I can no longer contact you?

  9. Iv’e recently used rated people
    I found GLE plumbing& Heating in west midlands outstanding , & i didn’t need more than one quote , he was a credit to himself & rated people
    Emily davies

  10. Used Coastline Roofing in March but no receipt has been forthcoming in spite of several requests. Can you help please?

  11. Hi,

    I Don’t like the new job alerts that have started to come through to us. The new alerts are compressed and is missing the title “Job Title”. The old alerts were easier to read and had a lot more information on them than the new job alerts.

    I would also like to know how have you made it easier for a trade person to obtain a credit. I’m lead to believe to qualify you need to have asked or received a rating within a 2 month period from the date of asking for a credit. I don’t see what a rating has to do for you to obtain a credit. If you can’t contact the person or the person does not contact you you should be credited regardless of a rating or not.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve made a note of your job alerts feedback to pass on here. Regarding the rating criteria for credits, you need to have asked for or received a rating within the last 90 days, however the job doesn’t need to have been within the past 90 days. You can request a credit for a job you’ve carried out 6 months back if you like, as long as you’ve requested that rating within 90 days of the time you apply for a re-credit. Our Customer care team are on hand if you’d like to discuss this further and run through the criteria in more detail. If you contact them at [email protected], they’ll be in touch for a chat.


  12. Great improvement I like the way my profile page has changed logo also look better . Quick buy is also much better . Every thing look great thank you read people Regards John

    1. Glad to hear it has the thumbs up from you John. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.


  13. As a tradesman I’ve used rated people a number of times to get work when things are quiet. I noticed a comment which stated that only one tradesperson got in touch about the job. The reason this happens is there is a fee charged to the tradesperson for the customers details. For myself as an electrician they range from around £5 to £50 +Vat. So generally once the lead has been sold I won’t buy it because it becomes too expensive. The only Wat to increase the probability of more tradesmen contacting customers is to reduce the cost of the leads

  14. Hi Natalie,

    I did contact the customer care team with regards to a credit. Like you the could not answer my question why do you need to request or received a rating within 90 days to obtain a credit. What happens if you have already requested all your ratings and you apply for a credit and you haven’t won any work through rated people within the 90 day period.

    I would also like to point out that the person I spoke to with regards to the credit was very rude and threaten to end the call with me. Customer care at it best.

    1. Hi Graham,

      We have that measure in place as an indicator of you encouraging homeowners to respond to you and allow you to quote. In a nutshell, it’s so we know that you’re doing all you can your side to encourage homeowners to rate you, which then encourages the next homeowner to consider you for the job and get back to you to allow you to quote. With the 90 day part, as long as you’ve requested all your ratings like you say, you would meet the ratings criteria for a re-credit. You just need to make sure that you’re requesting a credit for a job lead you’ve bought in the past 30 days. I hope that helps clarify it for you.


  15. After my recent post, I only had 1 tradesman call therefore found using Rated People a waste of time and money.

    1. Hi Sally,

      It’s free to post a job on our site and get up to three quotes. We put you in touch with up to three tradespeople and while this can be no more than three, the average is 1-2. If you’re after 3 responses, we would normally suggest updating your job but you can only do this when the job is still live in our system. If you’d like to chat about this, our Customer care team are on hand and can be contacted through


  16. Hi. Will the new logo be available to tradesmen in the form of a van sticker. I was asked a while ago by a customer why we did not display something that told them we were with the agency they had contacted.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes, it will be. Our van stickers are currently in development and will be available in the merchandise shop soon. From time to time, tradespeople that give us a hand with things like research get complementary van stickers too, so keep an eye out for your chance to get involved.


  17. Rated people works.
    As a tradesman I have picked up some great jobs,created some great ongoing links.
    It works, just do a great job.
    Some people who post jobs are time wasting idiots, but that is life, not Rated People, you need to allow for those. Stop moaning. !!!
    I spent £1500 (aprox)ll last year and made at least £3000 off that, plus more work from those jobs that more than doubles that .
    If you think rated people doesn’t work you are wrong.

  18. Please get David Rhodes-Lynch off your panel as he is a con man who promises the earth and cheats clients by providing rubbish results.

    1. Hi Pete,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. Our Customer care team would like to talk to you about this. Could you email them at [email protected] so they can get more info and help?


  19. As I never heard back from anyone when I urgently required a plumber several weeks ago I wouldn’t think I will be using this service in future. Not exactly living up to claims!

    1. Sorry to hear that Kate. Without seeing your job post it’s hard to pinpoint possible reasons for that. It could be down to the availability of the plumbers but I’d recommend posting a question on our Ask an expert forum ( to ask the plumbers themselves. They might be able to shed light on why your job didn’t get a response. I hope you have more luck next time around if you decide to give us another shot!


  20. Very impressed by the work from Lee Webb Plumbing Services
    extremely helpful, returned to fix a problem and quoted a reasonable fee. Highly recommended

  21. I think this is absolutely brilliant..guidance is given to help avoid cowboys but there will always be some that slip through the net..through rated people I found the most brilliant and reliable multi trades guy who has been a Godsend..keep up the good work..

  22. rated people conned me out of good money , three electricians bought a job for £75 then the home owner got some joe bloggs cowboy to do the job instead , and I lost £75 as well as two other professional electricians and they never gave me a refund rubbish service….

    1. Hi John,

      I’m afraid we can’t be accountable for a homeowner not choosing you, or another tradesperson for a job. What we do is connect you with homeowners who have signalled that they’re looking for a tradesperson to help them with a job. If you couldn’t get in touch with a homeowner or they wouldn’t allow you to quote on a job, that would be a different matter, but we can’t do anything about a homeowner considering you for a job and deciding not to hire you when we’ve given them a link to your web profile and emailed them your contact information.


  23. I think this has all become to technical with apps and buttons and icons and blogs,most of us trades are practical and good at our jobs. There should be no conditions on a lead credit, it has got to complicated, when I first joined you could claim it within 7 days. If one trade has purchased a lead them I don’t bother, chances are it’s gone. There are still lot of time wasters on there who don’t appreciate we buy there details. Have decided I spend more on rated people than what I get back, should be other way around, will not renew after this quarter expires, all the best.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Sorry to hear that – thanks for your feedback. There will always be tradespeople like yourself who don’t like to use apps and wouldn’t see the value in a blog. There’s nothing wrong with that. We developed them to cater to those who would find them useful. For instance, many of our tradespeople were out on jobs with mobile phones – developing our apps made it much easier to buy a job lead on the go – even popping round the corner to quote on the next job lead while on a lunch break. The blog is there for both our homeowners and tradespeople. We wanted a place to inspire a homeowner and also a place where we can regularly speak to you and update you. In our Trade category coming soon, we’ll be featuring guest posts from a wide range of authors specialising in small business management, and you’ll find all sorts of other tips too designed to help you grow your reputation and expand your business. The Leadership section will feature thoughts from our senior management team, from our CMO to our CEO. It’ll give you the chance to find out what they think about our industry and learn what we’re doing to tackle the challenges we face.


  24. Hi all!!!
    Rated People, Home owners and Tradesmen’s,…

    I am one of the Tradesmen’s that have spent a lot of money buying jobs from Rated People website,…

    I realy appreciate that they have spent money and efort for the website and all other services,…

    All are nice,…


    I found would’ve used this website much more me and many more Tradesmen’s that I know if the prices would’ve been a bit more affordable,…

    Best regards to all of you,…
    rcbServices Team

  25. you made £225.00 in ten minutes out of three professional people ching ching…….£££££££…….. I would not recommend rated people to anybody as I said rubbish service…….

  26. I’m very disappointed with the service provided. Terrible workmanship, job needs to be redone. No receipt,guarantee so no confidence. I would not recommend this “joiner ” to anyone.

    1. Hi Joan,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Our Customer care team are on hand to help you and can be contacted at [email protected]. I’d also encourage you to leave a rating for the tradesperson to inform others about your experience if you haven’t done so already.


  27. I feel that Rated People should make much more of an effort to be more informative to the home owner as regards to the fact that the Tradesperson is actually paying anything between £7.00- £60.00 to buy the job lead and customer’s contact details. I have had it happen to me where I have quoted a low price to install a cooker hood and agreed a time to arrive on the same day, only for someone else to buy the lead, ask what I quoted and did the job immediately for £5 less. customer then text me a couple of hours later to say she didn’t need me as someone else had already done the job. When I then informed the customer that I had actually had to pay for the job lead she was very very apologetic as she didn’t realise that the trades people actually pay for the details. If she was aware of this she would have contacted me first to at least give me the chance to do it for £5 less. I think that Rated People purposely do not want the homeowners to know this information which I find disappointing!!

    1. Hi Julian,

      We definitely want homeowners to know this info. It’s on our ‘About us’ page, we’ve pushed it in newsletters, we reference it on our page which tells a homeowner about the lead credit request policy we have in place for tradespeople, and we also reference it in FAQs (what to do if you’ve already chosen a tradesperson). I’ll make a note of your feedback though and we’ll look at what we can do to push this further!


    1. Hi Karen,

      You can either post an additional comment to your rating (details on how to do so at or if you want our Customer care team to completely remove the original one, please send an email to [email protected] and they’ll be in touch to chat through.

      Ask an expert team

  28. I hope you will be making a better job of vetting your tradesmen.The one I found through your website charged me £320 to put lining paper on already stripped walls and ceiling of a very small room.He made such an awful job of it that it will have to be done again.I am quite happy for you to check it out.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m sorry to hrar that! If you haven’t already, please do leave an honest review of the work to inform other customers. If you’d like to raise this with our Customer care team, you can contact them through our Contact page at


  29. It’s all well and good improving the look of your company but I can’t help but think the money would of been better spent helping people that have had cowboy traders hired from rated people we laid out a lot of money on new decking which is now a safety issue and needs to be taken up and the tradesman we hired refuses to come and correct the problem the whole lot needs to be pulled up and redone when I contacted rated people you said you don’t get involved with customers and trades persons issues “great help”I wasn’t even allowed the mangers surname to contact .

    1. Hi Gill,

      I’m sorry to hear this. I can see you’ve been in contact with our Customer care team. While tradespeople registered with us operate as independent companies, we do try to help wherever we can and offer advice on next steps depending on your particular circumstance. I hope this matter gets resolved quickly for you and wish you all the best with this. If you’d like to discuss the matter in more detail, please do contact our Customer care team through the [email protected] email address that they’ve provided and the team will be happy to have a chat with you.


    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience. I’ve requested that you be removed from our mailing list now so we’ll action this for you. If you’d like to contact our Customer care team for a chat about your experience, they can be reached through


  30. This can not be resolved with the tradesman his refused to put right any wrong doing were taking legal advise probably small claims court which takes could do more

  31. Don’t think it good idea,to much people,trades find out about rated people then you have to many on fighting for work then everyone will get fed up and leave,see it as a waste of time do your ste harm in long run!

    1. Hi Kirsty,

      To leave a rating, you’ll need to:
      1. Log in to your account.
      2. Select ‘My jobs’ from the main navigation to view the list of jobs you’ve posted.
      3. Select the job from the list and then click the ‘Rate’ button for the tradesperson who completed the work.

      If you have any trouble leaving a rating, our Customer care team can help. You can reach them through our Contact page at

      I hope this helps.


  32. Just had three internal doors fitted by one of your contacts he was the only response I received but his price and his workmanship were excellent. IT took him approximately 4 hours from start to clearing up well done MIchael Doherty.

    1. That’s great to hear William. If you haven’t already, would you mind leaving a rating for him on his profile? It helps homeowners decide which tradesperson to hire, helping tradespeople win more work. If you have any trouble doing this, our Customer care team can help. You can reach them through

  33. I got a tiler through rated people he was called
    LARBUD. Andrzej Golebiewski, and was an excellent
    Tiler very clean and polite, I would recommend this Tiler to all my friends.

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for letting us know. 🙂 If you haven’t already it would be great if you could leave a review on our site for him. To do this, you’d just need to log in on our homepage, select ‘My jobs’ from the main navigation to view the list of jobs you’ve posted and then choose the job from the list. After this, just click the ‘Rate’ button for the relevant tradesperson. You can reach our customer care team at if you have any issues doing this.

  34. Today I had my garden tired and rubbish removed they did an excellent job the company name I HERON GARDENING AND LANDSCAPING LTD the price was very responsive I would like to recommend the above company to anyone very friendly and efficient they will definitely be doing more work for me

    1. Hi Don, that’s great to hear. If you haven’t already, could you leave a review to be added to the tradesperson’s profile? You can ask the tradesperson to send you an email prompt and you can then follow the link in the email to leave your rating.

  35. Just had roof facias guttering done by w b roofing William was a lovely bloke who did all the work he promised came day he said he would left garden clean and tidy.was good on price thinking of having the roof done on my other house and would recommend anyone to use him.

  36. We had our fire doors replaced today in our flat by two highly skilled professionals from HRL Carpenters. Paul and Lee. The speed,accuracy and high level of work was 100%. We look forward to using them again in the New Year. Excellent service.

  37. We have had David and his colleague to re-roof our flat roof kitchen extension.The work was Carried out within the time scale and budget with minimum fuss and 20 year guarantee.We recommend with confidence.

    1. That’s great to hear Teva. If you haven’t already do leave a rating for the tradesperson to help other homeowners decide who to hire and help the tradesperson get more work.

  38. for the last ten minutes I have tried to check on one of your rated traders. You website is a waste of time It simply does not work – I should be able to put in a registered trademams name and call up a review. Instead you try to sell. I won’t even bother to complete reviews for your registered tradesmen any more.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I’m afraid this isn’t how our service works. We operate a closed-loop rating system so only homeowners who have posted a home improvement job on our site and then had a tradesperson purchase that job, can leave a rating.

      It’s completely free for a homeowner to post a job for work they need doing. Up to three tradespeople can then purchase that job lead for the chance to quote on the job. When this happens, we send the homeowner a link to those tradespeople’s profiles so they can review these tradespeople. If they then choose one of these tradespeople to carry out their work, they can leave a rating and review the tradesperson after the work’s completed.

      I hope this helps. If you’d like to chat more about how we work, our customer care team will be happy to help. You can reach them through [email protected].


  39. John F. 20th. April 2018.
    Chris Gowenlock of Countryside Trees carried out work very efficiently cutting down my Canadian Maple tree, would certainly recommend him.

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