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Top 5 tips to make the most of a small bathroom

Small bathroom with sink, bath and washing machine

Most people don’t live in huge properties so we’re always on the look out for clever uses of space, all around the home. Bathrooms are no exception – they can often be awkward to build or redesign, especially when you consider the plumbing and electrics needed. Below, we explore some ideas to make the most of your small bathroom.

1. Declutter

Small but well organised bathroom

Most of us have all sorts of products lurking in our bathrooms – from multiple disinfectants to unused shower gels. Our first small bathroom hack is actually a challenge – throw out half empty products, give away others you won’t use and consider storing unopened items in a small cabinet in the hallway or in your bedroom. With fewer products your bathroom will feel less cramped and more minimal in minutes.

For more storage ideas we have a dedicated article, here.

2. Add a vanity unit

4 different styles of vanity unit

The area below your basin is perfect for storing all those bathroom essentials. Contemporary vanity units come in all shapes and sizes, which are great for tight spaces. There are also wall-mounted options to free up floor space where you can store a waste or laundry basket. Choose a vanity unit with a single tap so you can store toothbrushes or soap on the side.

3. Bath or shower?

Wet room with a large shower section and no bath

We’ve have a whole blog post on this debate, here. But at the end of the day it’s very much a personal decision. If you already have a bath but want more space, then it’s easy to create a sleek wet room or shower enclosure that feels larger. You can read more about shower rooms here.

Ditch the grotty shower curtain and stick to sleek lines, plain colours and materials such as glass and ceramic tiles to create the illusion of space. However, if you have kids or love relaxing in the bath – there are plenty of compact designs out there, including stylish roll top baths.

4. Make it light and bright

Large and minimal bathroom with white and light grey

Dingy bathrooms with bad lighting (or a lack of natural light) will always feel small. The best solution is to install LED lights – built into the ceiling, walls and mirrors – which will give a fresh, stylish and modern feel. An electrician can recommend the best lights for your bathroom.

Find an electrician here.

Swap out dark tiles or paint for lighter floor and wall tiles. Continuous floor and wall tiles give the appearance of length and width, especially if the tiles are on the larger size. Avoid patterns that can feel busy and claustrophobic – choose neutral, light colours that make the room look bigger and more welcoming.

5. Maximise space and storage

Bathroom with built-in storage solutions

If your bathroom is a difficult shape with lots of dead space, invest in bespoke cupboards or open shelves to avoid a boxy feel. A carpenter can advise you and tailor the best storage solutions. Find a carpenter here.

Alternatively, go for freestanding options such as a vanity cabinet that doubles up as a full length mirror, or a ladder shelf for towels that can stand relatively flush to a wall or window.

For bespoke ideas, get the help of a bathroom specialist here.

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