Transform your conservatory this winter

Outside view of a conservatory surrounded by thick winter snow.

A conservatory is a unique room in your home in how it connects you to the outdoors. It should be an idyllic haven and a sun-soaked passageway to your garden.

In the summertime, it’s easy to see the benefits of having a conservatory. You can fling the doors wide open and invite nature in.

But in the winter, a conservatory can get even better.

You can transform it into a magical, igloo-like retreat from which you can peer out at the splattering rain and snow while it falls on the glass windows, as you snuggle up with a hot drink and good book.

So, a conservatory can be a true delight year-round. If you already have one of these quintessentially British garden rooms, or plan on getting one, read on to find out how you can make your conservatory a cold-season paradise. All it takes is a little weatherproofing and some winter-inspired décor.

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Conservatory roof insulation

Conservatory roof insulation in the daylight.

Generally, conservatories don’t provide very good insulation. Their pretty glass structure is aesthetically pleasing year-round but come winter, they often don’t offer that much protection from the harsh British elements.

Pre 2010, conservatory roof planning regulations for insulation were strict. The rule was that 75% of your conservatory roof was required to be transparent. Nowadays, regulations have changed, giving you more freedom to add insulation to your conservatory roof.

The best way to prep a conservatory to be enjoyed during the winter is to add roof insulation, if your roof is appropriate. This will act as a barrier to drops in temperature and the icy drafts that conservatories are notorious for.

In fact, most of the heat that escapes from your conservatory exits via the roof, so weather proofing it with insulation is pretty much a must. Here are the best options to be considered when deciding what insulation is best for you.

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Thermal wadding and aluminium foil

This combination of traditional insulation materials is a top choice for many because of how well it works to both absorb heat in the winter and release it when the weather warms up. Aluminium foil reflects heat as the thermal wadding absorbs it through pockets of air. This insulation option is also affordable and efficient.

Ceiling blinds

Orange and yellow striped conservatory ceiling blinds.

A cost-effective way to insulate your conservatory is to install ceiling blinds. Conservatory ceiling blinds are fitted to cover the roof and can be easily opened and closed at any time. These blinds are a great way to keep the heat in during the winter, without spending an arm and a leg.

Looking to install blinds? Find more ideas for conservatory blinds.

Conservatory carpet

Rustic themed conservatory with a cream coffee table and conservatory rug.

Nothing says snuggly quite like the feeling of soft, luscious carpet under your feet. Adding carpet to your conservatory this winter will allow you to extend the warmth from the rest of your house into your glass-walled hideaway.

Going for neutral colours will help to keep your conservatory looking fresh and inviting, opening the room, and creating extra space.

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Warm it up with colour

Conservatory with walls painted in a burnt orange shade.

A super easy way to add warmth to your conservatory is by painting the masonry walls with warm colours; go for a sunshine inspired burnt orange, mustard, tan, or shades of brown to get a toasty vibe.

You can even add upholstered furniture featuring a warm colour to instantly turn up the temperature and make the room feel comfortable and stylish.

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Create ambiance with lighting

Wintery fairy lights hung on a conservatory door frame.

A wonderfully simple way to transform your conservatory for winter is to play around with lighting. The right lighting can set the scene in any way you desire.

Turn your conservatory into an ultra-cosy escape with LED fairy lights. Scatter them around the room for a fairy tale-like mood; place them above a couch, on a mantel piece or even around your TV as soft, decorative spotlights.

Lanterns are another lighting option that conjure images of fairies, forests, and festivities. Place them on the floor to give the conservatory a warm glow when the sun has left, and enjoy the flickering of the lights long into the evening.

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Add a fireplace

For an extra dose of comfort and warmth install a fireplace in your conservatory this winter. Fireplaces – whether they are wood-burning or electric – are age-old winners when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere, and adding heat to the space.

Stand-alone fireplaces can be easily integrated into any size room and will effortlessly turn your conservatory into a winter dream.

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Blankets and throws

Neutral-toned pillows and cosy winter throws draped on a couch.

Another easy-peasy way to re-vamp your conservatory for winter is to incorporate blankets and throws.

Choose soft, teddy-bear fabrics like pure cotton, and drape your blankets or throws over your couches and chairs. These will add the finishing touches to your newly cold-season-prepped conservatory and will leave you wanting to hibernate in there all winter long.


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