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5 ideas for conservatory blinds

If you’ve got a conservatory (maybe you call it your glasshouse, orangery or sunroom), you’ll no doubt enjoy the fact you’ve got extra entertaining, relaxing or dining space that’s surrounded by the beauty of your garden. However, a common gripe is that conservatories can get too cold in winter and too hot in summer. A good set of conservatory blinds can help to remedy these equally annoying issues.

Discover 5 different types of conservatory blinds on offer and which ones might be best for you, in the blog post below.

Are conservatory blinds worth it?

Modern floor to ceiling windows

Sun glare is a common issue with conservatories. Not only is it a nuisance when you’re watching TV or reading, but it can also affect your productivity if the space is used as a home office or study area. Furthermore, a conservatory can quickly feel like a greenhouse when it’s warm, especially if you have double or triple glazing. In fact, research has found that it could even reach 70℃!

Blinds will get rid of any glare and provide shade. There are options that won’t completely block the view of your garden or all the sunlight out, too, so you’ll still feel surrounded by nature. Another benefit is that blinds support double or triple glazing in your conservatory, by providing another barrier to heat escaping your home (essential in winter), as well as entering it (useful in summer).

Contrary to popular opinion, conservatory blinds don’t have to be expensive. There are a range of blinds on offer, to suit all budgets.

Innovative conservatory roof blinds

Friends preparing lunch in conservatory

A lot of heat and light enter your conservatory through the roof. Roof blinds regulate the amount of sunlight which enters the space, which gets rid of glare and keeps the temperature down in warm weather. Plus, roof blinds stop intense heat beating down directly on your head, by providing shade.

In addition, they provide privacy if your home is overlooked. After all, no one wants their neighbours to be able to see straight into their home!

Sail blinds are a popular choice for conservatories, as they reflect a good amount of the heat away, whilst also allowing some light to filter through and brighten and warm up the space. If you arrange multiple sail shades in a pattern, they can also become an interesting focal point!

Looking for more control over the amount of heat and light that enters your conservatory? Electric zip blinds are a convenient option. You can raise and lower them to your desired level in seconds, with the touch of a button.

Bear in mind, roof blinds won’t provide thermal insulation. You’ll need to hire a thermal insulation specialist to insulate your conservatory roof or get a roofer to completely replace it with a material that helps control temperature.

Simple vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

The thought of vertical blinds might evoke an image of an ugly old-school office in your mind. But, there are modern options available that bring plenty of benefits:

  • Voile vertical blinds are sheer, so they allow soft daylight to enter your conservatory whilst still maintaining a high level of privacy.
  • They are easy to operate – you can quickly adjust the louvres as you like. Plus, you can choose whether you want them fully closed, slanted open or pulled all the way back.
  • Vertical blinds come in a range of designs to suit your conservatory’s design. These include sleek patterns and timeless darker colours.  
  • Vertical blinds can be a cheaper option than other types of conservatory blinds. For example, you’ll need multiple sets of roller blinds placed side-by-side to cover a large conservatory window, which may be expensive to buy, whereas vertical blinds just require louvres to cover the same amount of space, which often works out to be cheaper.

Modern conservatory Venetian blinds

Modern Venetian blinds

Horizontal lines add a contemporary feel to any home, and they’re commonly found in UK gardens – from decks and hedges to fences and walls. So much so, that the satisfying stripes are often considered to be the best thing about a freshly mowed lawn! Your conservatory is an extension of both your garden and your home, so bring the horizontal aesthetic of Venetian blinds into it to create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors.

Wood-effect Venetian blinds with wider slats offer a natural and traditional aesthetic without the potential of warping due to sunlight like real wood. Or, you could go ultra-modern and choose sleek aluminium Venetian blinds with smaller slats.

Easy-to-use Roman or roller blinds

Rustic interior design with exposed brick wall

Roller and Roman blinds are simple and cost-effective options for conservatories. Opt for a translucent style – the sun will trickle through beautifully.

On the other hand, lined Roman or roller blinds will help keep your conservatory cosy and warm on winter nights. Consider getting blackout blinds if you’re planning on using your conservatory for epic TV marathons. That way, you’ll create your very own dark cinema room!

Cosy conservatory curtains

Elegant conservatory design

Although they’re not blinds, it’d be silly to overlook the potential of curtains when discussing conservatory window coverings. Draped curtains in classic prints, like damask, give an elegant finish to the space.

If you want to go for something lighter, net or voile curtains add a wispy touch of luxury à la Bridgerton.

With all the options mentioned in this blog post, there may be a risk of sunlight weathering or warping the material – some more than others. Bear that in mind when you’re out shopping!

Whatever help you need with your conservatory, there’s vetted tradespeople on Rated People ready to get stuck in.

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