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Wallpaper trends for autumn and winter

When the seasons change and the weather starts to nip a little, it’s time to appreciate the cosiness of home.

And the more time we spend inside, the more important our interior design choices can become. Our homes are where we express our tastes and surround ourselves with designs that we love. That’s why choosing wallpaper is much more fun than a lot of people might think.

Picking the right wallpaper

The beauty of wallpaper is it’s versatility and the impact it can have compared to a simple painted wall. Using wallpaper is an easy way to have rooms that express different characteristics and styles, making your home an extension of your personality.

But where do you start? Well, that’s where we can help, with a little seasonally themed inspiration for autumn and winter.

Our autumn and winter wallpaper trends


Swans and tree branches design wallpaper

Designs that use imagery from nature are bold for sure, but never go out of fashion. Laura Ashley wallpaper is ever-popular, and synonymous with nature themed designs. Despite launching in the 50s, the brand’s distinctive style remains relatively unchanged and able to ride trends as they come and go. You’ll find a print to suit any season, in both classic and contemporary styles, in highly recognisable floral textiles and tree branch designs. Try mixing them up to give what is a fairly traditional look a contemporary edge.

70s boho

70s boho paisley wallpaper

Bohemian 70s textiles with paisley swirls, brown backgrounds and muted floral patterns that evoke the autumn, are back. Paisley comes in many varieties, which means you’ll be able to find the right colour scheme for your home, and your taste. If you want to fully embrace the swing of the 70s in a print, go for a mustard paisley – two 70s trends in one.

Industrial textures

Rusty metal sheet wallpaper

When we think of autumn we might think of crunching leaves underfoot and the yellows and browns of trees shedding their summer leaves. But the trend of industrial texture wallpaper prints is much more suggestive of winter, with some cooler colours and minimal designs. Think exposed brick, rust, timber, or cracked paint. They might sound a little bleak but the right selection on a feature wall can look amazing, and have the impact of a work of art. Unusual materials can make a home unique, but still very appealing.

Mixed materials

Sea foam coloured marble textured wallpaper

Finally, mixed materials wallpaper uses decorative materials in 2D form, to contrast with the other textures in a room. Super distinctive textiles that catch the eye are created by mixing time worn natural materials with metallic patinas, to evoke a kind of architectural feel. The combination of materials is intended to create a soft but strong look. Expect to find natural stone, bricks, marble and cork. Choosing the right combination is up to you, but with so much on offer you can create a different style for every room in the house.

Dare to be daring with wallpaper

Why not experiment with some autumn and winter inspired designs to really bring your comfy space to life? For fans of the 70s style, bring it into your living room with paisley wallpaper and mustard lampshades. Or, create a New York loft look in the bedroom with masonry print wallpaper and exposed lightbulbs. You can really be an artist in your own home.

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