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Why Rated People is worth it for tradespeople

Across the UK, tradespeople like you are working hard to make the nation’s homes safe, functional and comfortable to live in. At Rated People, we connect you with homeowners that need work done so you can spend less time looking for customers and more time doing the work you love.

How good is Rated People?

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A Rated People membership makes it easy to find new work in your local area and grow your business. Here’s how:

  • Speedy results: With Rated People, you don’t have to wait for the phone to ring, or to be shortlisted by a homeowner, to start quoting for a job. You can sign up in the morning, start buying leads and be giving a homeowner a quote by the afternoon!
  • Less competition: We only allow a maximum of three tradespeople to buy each lead. On average, each lead only gets bought once or twice so there’s a higher chance that you’ll get hired.
  • You’re in control: You’ll only pay for the work you want. You choose which leads to quote for, pay for them then and there using credit or cash, and you’ll get immediate access to the homeowner’s contact details.
  • Get the best of both worlds: Not only can you find and buy leads whenever you want to, homeowners can also call you directly through our directory add-on which puts your business phone number on your Rated People profile and our directory pages. Plus, you’ll appear at the top of our listings when homeowners use our site to search for your trade.
Access 75,000 leads a month and build your reputation online.
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Is Rated People worth it?

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As well as access to the 75,000+ jobs posted on our platform every month, your membership is also designed to help you get more for your money. 

Help with your marketing

Show your business off in all its glory with your dedicated Rated People profile page. It’s quick and easy to update your profile with your past work and customer reviews, which will encourage new customers to hire you. Plus, your profile will have inbuilt search engine optimisation (SEO), so homeowners in your area will be able to find your business when they’re looking for a tradesperson on a search engine like Google.

Tools to help you reduce your paperwork

Manage and keep track of all your job leads, including work from outside of Rated People, with our handy Lead Tracker on our Trades app. Our invoicing generating system also lets you create and send invoices in just a few clicks.

Access 75,000 leads a month and build your reputation online.
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Rated People prices

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Our lead prices are calculated based on a few factors, including the trade, location and the homeowner’s intent to get started. Depending on your Rated People membership plan, you’ll get additional credit on top of the credit that comes with your membership fee.

Our leads are sold to 3 tradespeople at most, which is a lot lower than our competitors so your chance of winning work is much higher. We’re also able to offer refunds when you can’t quote, unlike a lot of other platforms.

Rated People reviews

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Reviews of our tradespeople can only be left by homeowners that have used Rated People. So, homeowners feel comfortable using us to find a tradesperson because they know they’re reading real reviews. You can be proud of each review you get, knowing that each one is genuine. You can share your ratings on social media too.

Tradespeople’s views

Tens of thousands of tradespeople across the UK use Rated People every year. We speak to them regularly, to get their feedback on how we can improve our service. To read some of their latest reviews, check out what tradespeople are saying about us.

Access 75,000 leads a month and build your reputation online.
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