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Luxury interior design at a fraction of the price

Picture of a luxury bedroom with grey walls and TV

A luxurious look and feel doesn’t have to cost a fortune

A love of interior design can get expensive! Especially if you want to achieve a chic, high-end look such as by using pampas grass decor, number 9 on our top 20 interior design trends. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to transform your home with an affordable interior design that looks luxurious. Making the most of pre-loved items, home crafts, and upcycling can cut down on a lot of costs.

So, here are some budget decor ideas that will give you the finish you want without the bill you dread.

Create your own statement artwork

Picture of a living room with lots of framed art

Art is great at uplifting a room. It can create a focal point for an otherwise fairly simple space. This is a project you can do yourself. Get creative with abstract shapes and forms. Display your creation in a frame or across multiple panels.

Enjoy your bare floorboards

Picture of a father and daugther playing with a chalk board on wooden floors

A worn carpet won’t match the luxurious style you’re trying to create. So your best bet with flooring is to keep your floorboards bare. It’s a rustic and classic look. Dark wood contrasts nicely with neutral tones while lighter wood brings warmth and light. Both create more space in your room. Plus, maintenance-wise it’s easier and cheaper too.

Use your shelves wisely

Picture of a desk with bookshelves

Shelving isn’t just about storage. Make it high-end by turning it into a feature of the room. Intentionally displaying books and ornaments elevates the space. You’ve got the option to colour-code the display with colour-blocking or gradients. If you’ve got a statement ornament, shelving is the perfect place to display it.

If you need help assembling shelving for your next home improvement project, find a handyperson on Rated People. They’ll get the tricky part out of the way for you!


Embrace mother nature

Picture of a room full of plants

If you’re into a natural look, why not bring the garden indoors? There are plenty of plants that are fairly cheap to buy and maintain, so this interior design is fairly easy to recreate. Buy a plant like aloe vera for a really cost-effective option. The plant can be applied directly to the skin and hair for beauty benefits.

Leave your brick and stone exposed

Picture of a kitchen with exposed brick walls

This is a really modern looking design choice. In an imitation of urban Manhattan style apartments, leaving brick and stone exposed saves you money whilst looking high-end. This budget decor idea avoids the added expense of plasterers and painters.

Dress up your windows

Picture of a living room with curtains and carpet

Curtains and blinds have a bigger impact on the style of a room than you might think. So choose your blinds and curtains intentionally. Curtains and sashes bring a luxurious feel. To make the room look bigger, move your curtain poles nearer to the ceiling. These details make a difference!

Making cost-effective interior design styles a reality

Picture of a luxury bathroom with white tiles

You can create the perfect effect at the perfect price with these nifty tips and tricks. What you choose to display and make a focal point of in your room sets the tone while little details add to the overall effect. If you ever find yourself having to do more work than you bargained for to create your budget-friendly luxurious home design, get into contact with our tradespeople by posting a job on Rated People.


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