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Admin tips and tools to make marketing easier

A tradesperson’s job can seem never-ending at times. You’re completing trades work, sorting out business admin and focusing on providing great customer service. That means marketing your business can sometimes creep further and further down your priority list. However, effective marketing will attract new customers, which is important to keep your business going and growing.

Here are 5 tips and tools that you can use to make marketing your business quicker and easier, so you’ll save time without sacrificing business growth.

Use automation tools like chatbots

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As a tradesperson, you’re busy on the tools during the day – which is when many enquiries from potential customers might come in. Install a chatbot on your website or social media platforms to automate that process and answer common questions that your customers have, in real time. For example, a customer can type “How much does an annual service cost?” into the live chat, and the chatbot will reply with the relevant answer that you’ve pre-prepared. In this way, you can reduce the risk of a potential customer being lost because they can’t contact you immediately. Plus, it’ll save you the time and effort that you currently spend answering those repeat questions!

Schedule your social media posts in advance

One of the top tips our social media manager, Sarah, gives in our social media marketing guide is to set aside some time every week to schedule your upcoming posts. That way, you won’t fall behind when you’re busy on a job.

Social media management platforms such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite allow you to schedule posts to go live on a certain date and time. Plus, many platforms offer you suggestions for the best times to post, based on audience research, so you’ll get the best performance from your content.

Set aside time to answer comments

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Social media marketing is more than just posting content. You’ll need to respond to queries, comments and other engagements that you get, too. This shows your audience (and potential customers) that you’re willing to help them out. Plus, it will encourage them to engage on future posts as they know they won’t be ignored.

A social media management platform will bring all your comments across all your social media profiles into one place, so it’s easier for you to respond to them.

Use a CRM platform

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software manages all of your interactions with customers; past, current and potential. Once someone fills in a contact form on your website, social media profiles or elsewhere online, your CRM software will send them emails at the right points in the customer journey. For example, a potential customer will get an email soon after they’ve completed their form. If they don’t make a booking by a certain date, they’ll get a follow up email with more information, about your services or special offers for example, to encourage them to hire you. That way, you won’t lose potential leads.

Create a content calendar for blog posts

Person writing a plan in notebook

It only takes a second to forget a good idea if you don’t write it down. When you have a good idea for a blog post on your website, such as a specific challenge that you’ve encountered on a job or a new trend that applies to your trade, add it into your content calendar so you’ll remember it. Plus, when all of your upcoming blog posts are laid out clearly so you can see them all at once, you can easily rearrange them into an order that makes sense. You don’t want three blog posts in a row to be about the same topic, after all.

For more marketing, finance and business management tips, head to our Trade Advice Centre.

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