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How to incorporate a piano into your home decor

Music helps us through all stages of life, good or bad. The uncertain times brought about by the pandemic are no different! 75% of us are playing a musical instrument to help us get through lockdown, according to research by Yamaha. The piano has been a popular choice for new learners and returning players of all ages during this time.

To mark Piano Day on 29th March 2021, we’ve put together some ways that you can incorporate your new hobby into your home’s decor. Read on to find out how to integrate an upright, grand or baby grand piano into small or large homes alike.

Create a piano nook

Black upright piano in corner of room

Slip your piano into an alcove or corner to create your very own piano nook. Creative wall decorations make it easy to transform your nook into a space that’ll encourage musical magic. Put your favourite album covers into picture frames on the wall above, or paint the nook in an inspiring colour. Take a look at the colour wheel to discover the shades that rouse creativity, passion and more.

White upright piano next to staircase

Paint it a new colour

Blue piano in room with blue decor and interior design

Match an older piano to your existing decor by painting it in a colour that complements the colour scheme of the room. Or, if you’re ready for a change, paint your piano in a contrasting colour to make it the centre of attention. A pop of colour on your piano will really jazz up a monochrome colour scheme, too.

Go minimalist

Piano home decor: Large open plan kitchen-diner with upright piano

Continuity plays a big part in making a room look well put together. Seamlessly blend your piano into the room by placing it flush against a wall and painting it in the same colour. If you’ve got wood flooring in your home, then extend the natural wood tones with an antique wooden piano.

The minimal piano look is perfect if you’re lacking on space and don’t want your piano to overwhelm the room!

Use it to break up a room

Baby grand piano in open plan room

6% of UK homeowners are planning to knock down a wall to create a bigger space this year, according to The Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021. If you’re looking to define the different areas of an open plan space, then strategically position a grand or baby grand piano for a unique room divider.

Adorn it

Piano home decor: picture frame, lamp, plant, clock and ornament on top of piano lid

Help your piano fit right in by decorating it with ornaments, plants and artwork that’s similar to what’s already in the room. You can place them on top of the piano or on wall-mounted shelves right above it.

Water can damage the surface of your piano and excess humidity can affect its pitch and tone. So, be mindful when you’re watering plants nearby. Choose succulents and other houseplants that don’t need too much water to reduce this risk.

Upcycle it for your garden

Hollowed out grand piano in garden with plants and water feature
Teal piano with flower planters on top in garden

If you don’t want to let go of an old piano that you’re not using, why not repurpose it into a useful garden planter? It’s an easy DIY job for lockdown. You can remove the lid and grow flowers inside, or place potted plants on top of a closed piano lid. Take your new planter to the next level by hollowing it out and making it a water feature.

A piano planter makes for a beautiful surprise at the bottom of a long garden!

Need a hand getting a piano into your home? A local removal company can pick it up and deliver it safely into the room of your choice. Find removal services near you.

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