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The tiny home movement gives us the opportunity to downsize everything – from the clutter we live with, to our environmental impact. Plus, tiny houses cost £35,000 to buy outright on average, whilst the average price of a traditional property is £250,772, which makes them a much cheaper way to get on the property ladder.

Living in such a small space doesn’t come without challenges, though. Do you think this ultra-minimalistic lifestyle would work for you? Find out below.

What are the benefits of a tiny home?

View into the countryside from a tiny home bedroom

1. Sustainability

There’s no wasted space in a tiny home. That means it takes less energy to heat and light them. There are also plenty of fixtures and fittings that make tiny homes eco-friendlier, such as roof-mounted solar panels and composting toilets. Many tiny homes are made using sustainable materials, too.

2. Portability

Spontaneous holidays are often the ones we remember the most. When you live in a tiny mobile home, last-minute getaways are much easier – you don’t even need to pack!

3. Customisability

There are lots of tiny home models on the market, so you can choose a pre-built option, or even custom-build your own from scratch.

When it comes to style, the cosy barn or log cabin style with plenty of wooden features is a popular choice for many tiny home owners. On the other hand, many achieve a contemporary, industrial aesthetic using metallic features in a range of tones. There’s also plenty of creative freedom to explore with colour and texture, so you can turn your tiny home into your perfect home!

4. Minimalism

There’s no space for clutter in a tiny home. So, you’ll find yourself only buying the things that you really need, which saves you money. Minimalist room designs help you to feel calmer, too.

Are tiny homes legal in the UK?

Kitchen in a tiny house

As long as your tiny home is less than 2.55m wide and 7m long, then it’ll be road legal, according to The Tiny Housing Co. If you’re planning on keeping yours in your back garden, then you can do that without planning permission as long it’s less than 19.8m x 6.7m in size.

You can also legally buy land to keep your tiny home on. It’s best to check with the local authority you’re planning to do this in.

Does a tiny home need to be on wheels?

Tiny home on a grassy hill in an isolated location

If life on the road isn’t for you, a static tiny home is a great option to consider. In fact, it might give you more design freedom than a mobile one, too. With properties like a teeny-tiny converted toll house in Dorchester and even ‘The Hobbit House‘ tucked away in the Welsh countryside having been previously on the market, you can get a unique tiny home pretty much anywhere in the UK.

What’s the difference between a tiny home and a camper van?

Mobile tiny home parked on land

Whilst tiny homes and camper vans can both be on wheels, tiny houses are designed to be a permanent living environment whereas caravans are intended for holidays. Tiny homes are usually more spacious, better insulated, and sturdier to accommodate you living in it permanently.

Prefer to keep life on the road strictly to holidays? Check out our unique camper van renovation ideas.

Tiny homes to rent or buy in the UK

Cosy seating corner with candles, heather flowers, lavender and blanket

You can easily search for tiny homes to rent on websites such as Airbnb and To push yourself even further out of your comfort zone, try staying in a converted shipping container, treehouse or houseboat. Whilst they’re not the traditional tiny home, you’ll still have a similar amount of limited space to live in. It makes for a unique holiday experience, too.

Ready to take the plunge and buy your very own tiny home? There are lots of dedicated builders in the UK. Many of them focus on making their tiny homes environmentally friendly too, which means it’ll be easier for you to live an eco-lifestyle. Simply Google ‘tiny homes for sale’ to find the best company for you.

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