How to budget your kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect as budgeting for a kitchen remodel is dependent on your personal choice and style. The cost of a new kitchen spans an enormous range from £5000-£15,000 and way beyond, but whatever your taste you can cut down on costs and still bring your dream kitchen to life.

We’ve asked Alex from Smartline Kitchens for his expert opinion on what influences the prices of a kitchen renovation and how to prepare for such a complex home project. Here are his tips on how to estimate the budget of a kitchen renovation so you know what to expect when you start planning.

1. Materials

Marble kitchen counter

When selecting the materials for your cabinets and worktops it’s important to remember quality as well as the price tag. There are four major types of worktops which can impact your budget:

·      Laminate
·      Solid wood
·      Granite
·      Quartz and granite

Alex discusses cabinets pricing, style, frame, and finish at 1.11 in the video.

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2. Appliances

Kitchen with brand new ovens, fridge and induction hob

A tip from Alex at 2:05 in the video, is allocating £500 per appliance in your kitchen budget. Investing in a good quality dishwasher, washing machine, fridge and oven will add to the longevity of your new kitchen.

3. Upstands and walls

Black upstand that matches the kitchen counter

Skip to 2:18 in the video to get a clearer understanding on the currently trending upstand titling. Another option may be tiling across your entire wall which usually costs £20 per M2.

4. Flooring

Kitchen with wooden floor

Your choice of flooring will be the finishing touch in your kitchen remodel as Alex explains at 3:00 in the video. The three main flooring types: laminate costing £20 per M2, tile costing £40 per M2 and LVT Vinyl being the most expensive but durable costing £60 per M2.

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5. Labour and extra costs

Kitchen specialist assembling kitchen cupboard

Don’t forget to consider the costs of installation and removal/ skip hire in your budget. Along with labour, Alex recommends factoring in the price of extras at 3:30 in the video. Keep in mind that electrics and plumbing may have to be changed to suit your kitchen remodel plans. 

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