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Modern minimalist kitchens make an impact

Some ultra modern kitchens look like they’re hardly made for cooking. Sleek and clean surfaces, no handles and no signs of an oven? Can minimalism push boundaries into mini-minimalism? Looking at the kitchen designs below, you would think so.

While this is certainly nothing for the farmhouse kitchen fan, you have to praise Minotti’s brave designs. Hiding whatever clutter possible, it’s seems to be a challenge to even make the hob appear. Everything is of course very cleverly constructed with appliances hidden and controlled with touch controls. As impressive as it looks, this style would only work in a very spacious kitchen and without any unnecessary items present. Ironically, this is an Italian design. Could you picture a bolognese sauce being made in this kitchen?

Steel worktops, glass and wood are the elements that make up this Varenna kitchen. Streamlined and elegant, it has somewhat of a Far Eastern look in its material and colour combinations. The style lends itself perfectly to open plan kitchens and storage is naturally built-in, offering clever solutions without sacrificing the aesthetics of the spotless worktop .

Boffi know how to create a minimalist kitchen too. The key is to stick to few materials and even fewer colour combinations. Below we see stainless steel and wood, with worktops in black granite or Carrara marble. The clinical look is best achieved with whites, blacks and grey colours. Monochrome has never worked better. The open face shelves will invite to a less sterile kitchen, with the possibility of storing colourful plates and crockery.

Compare Toncelli’s kitchen, above, to that of Minotti. Isn’t if fantastic how wood can completely change a room, turning into a warm and inviting space? More details are included here, showing off the sink, hob and extractor fan, although the oven and microwave hide behind the wooden doors in the background. It manifests that built-in appliances are definitely key for minimalist kitchens. “Cement mousse” is the material of the industrial-looking kitchen island. If nothing else, it does looks hygienic.

How to get the look:

•Invest in cupboard doors and drawers without door handles or knobs, keep it streamlined.

•Stainless steel, marble and Corian are perfect worktop materials

•Simple, muted colours and monochrome work best

•Built-in appliances are a must, you don’t want any details that make the space look crammed, even the extractor fan should be integrated

•Use wood to soften the stern look

If you’re ready for your brand new minimalist kitchen, post your job on If you fancy something traditional or rustic our tradesmen can help you with that too. 3 tradesmen will be able to quote for the job; they all have their personal pages where you can view their qualifications, work photos and most importantly, their previous customer reviews. Pick the tradesmen who’s right for you and your job. Don’t forget to rate when the job’s been done. 

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