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Modern kitchen design inspiration

If you’ve been spending more time at home and that’s got you feeling like freshening up your space, or if you’re moving house, you might be looking for some modern interior design inspiration. When you’re rethinking your living space, the best place to start is with the kitchen – the multi-purpose room and the heart of our homes. You can really make your kitchen work for you with some brilliant contemporary and luxury kitchen design ideas.

From small modern kitchen design, to luxury home kitchens, and onto statement modern black kitchens, there’s a design out there that’ll fit your taste and budget. Or, want to combine or update your cooking and dining areas? We’ll also show you open modern kitchen design concepts that can transform your space and living area into a bright, sociable, open-plan space. Scroll to get inspired!

Small kitchen ideas

Bright white kitchen with lilies on the table

There’s so much you can do with small or quirky kitchens. To cheat your space and make it look larger than it is, opt for a bright, light colour scheme. Avoid patterns or anything too busy that will make it feel cramped – seamless tiles and block colours make a space look bigger.

Small kitchen with breakfast bar

Get clever with layout and storage. You can probably add the breakfast bar or extra surface area you really want, if they can fold away.

Kitchen cabinet with storage

Lots of light makes any space feel fresh, modern and bigger than it really is. A lighting specialist can help you install integrated and direct lighting, to create the illusion of a larger kitchen. Built-in down lights and strip lights can save you space and illuminate prep areas, making them easier to use.

Kitchen with hanging lights

Choose a bar of LED spotlights that will flood your kitchen with bright light, rather than pendant lamps that can sometimes take over a space and make it feel small.

Luxury kitchen ideas

Coffee machine controlled by smartphone

Smart technology is becoming an innovative component of contemporary high-end kitchen design. Foodies in particular will love built-in gadgets that can be controlled via voice or remote control.

Kitchen with exposed brick wall

We’re also seeing a trend for fully concealed luxurious kitchens, that provide that sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Sliding doors, made of beautiful raw materials such as oak, can hide everything – from your sink and fridge, to your dishwasher and oven. Sliding doors, cabinets or panels can create a seamless living or kitchen space at the touch of a button. These contemporary ‘disappearing kitchens’ can create harmony in large open-plan homes or provide a luxurious expanse of space in smaller kitchens. A carpenter can help you design and fit custom-made units for your space.

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Dark kitchen ideas

Kitchen with dark interior

Monochromatic kitchen colour schemes, including shades of black, white, charcoal and midnight blues, look clean, sleek and modern. No wonder they have become so popular recently.

Kitchen with grey blinds and pink curtains

If you’re dreaming of a black kitchen, but your space is small or you’re not feeling bold enough, you could introduce a few dark elements – such as a worktop, sink or appliances – and offset them with white or lighter grey wall paint or tiles. A kitchen specialist can help you design the perfect dark kitchen for your home.

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Kitchenware including a cast iron pan

Open-plan kitchen ideas

Open plan kitchen with green design accents, including a pouffe, blanket and cushions

There’s a reason why we love open-plan kitchens so much. They transform tight, cramped kitchens into spacious living, cooking and dining areas. They can accommodate the whole family and make it easier for everyone to interact with each other. There’s a growing trend for a single open-plan space that combines not only the kitchen and dining areas, but the living room too.

Open plan kitchen and living area

Custom-made kitchen furniture makes it even easier to host each family member in the space. Integrated seating is perfect for the kids, extendable breakfast bars and worktops can double up as desk space, and island units provide extra prepping and storage space. There are even brilliant space-saving ideas for your pet – including water and food bowls that pop out of kitchen units, or sleeping quarters under storage cupboards.

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