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Unique fireplace décor ideas

A fireplace epitomises cosiness in the winter. Even when they’re not being used, they can still function as the decorative heart of your home.

After all, what’s more relaxing than being curled up with a blanket next to a fireplace? Not much. Even if the logs aren’t real and the flame is electric, a fireplace can transport you from your mundane midweek to a log-cabin in the middle of a snowy wood.

Decorating your fireplace and the surrounding area will allow you to put your own personal spin on a classic home feature. So here’s some fireplace decor inspiration to get you started!

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The Nordic fireplace

Modern nordic designed electric fire place with bright orange flames switched on.

Scandinavia in the winter is home to idyllic scenes of towns and forests dressed in thick blankets of snow. Temperatures can drop to -10 in the cities and as low as -30 in the north.

Before modern technology, fireplaces were a true lifesaver for people living in these sub-zero conditions, being used to stay warm and put hot meals on the table.

Today, the Nordic fireplace has evolved with a contemporary vision, showcasing simplicity and minimalism. Clean-cut lines with block colour make up Nordic designs that place the bright embers of the electric fire as their focal point.

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Stone facades

French-medieval style stone feature wall with a built in electric fire place.

Putting large stones around your existing fireplace can take your home décor to a whole new level, creating a beautiful French-medieval feel. The surface-applied stone can be made of real stone or a manufactured alternative such as veneer.

Generally, unless you live in an old building with naturally occurring stone, you will mostly likely be buying stone veneer. This is because real stone is extremely heavy, difficult to install, and even harder to repair.

Man-made stone veneer is easier to work with; it’s composed of cement, pigments, and aggregates. It can be placed over existing wall materials such as brick or cement.

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Floating fireplace

Industrial inspired metal fireplace, floating in mid air in the centre of a living room.

Nothing stands out on the home-décor front like a fireplace suspended in mid-air in the centre of your living space. For wow-factor alone, this modern fireplace design will have you feeling like a total trendsetter!

The floating fireplace also has an interesting back-story; it was invented in 1967 in the south of France by a former humanities professor with a passion for metalwork and a ruined farmhouse to renovate.

Suspended fireplaces are usually available in a black, white, or bronze finish. They can be placed in any room of your house, even outdoors in your garden to create a unique space to entertain family and friends.

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The glass box

Large, modern electric glass box fireplace built into a partition wall of a living room.

The glass box fireplace design has an ultra-modern look that can be incorporated into any home.

The naturally clear, high-gloss finish of the glass allows it to blend seamlessly into any interior space, no matter what décor you have surrounding it, including wall colours and furnishings.

Glass fireplaces are commonly gas-powered and can either be wall-mounted or free standing, depending on your space and style tastes. They also have superb heat-efficiency and can help to keep your home warm during the colder months whilst saving you money on your energy bills.

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Bring your fireplace to life with colour

Electric fire place inside a colourful wall painted a bright shade of mustard yellow.

If you want to revamp and show off your fireplace, but don’t want to spend time or money fitting a whole new piece, simply splash a lick of colour on it and the surrounding walls.  

Making your fireplace a part of your feature wall will draw focus on it and truly make it stand out. Bright, vibrant colours like hot-pinks, oranges and greens are great choices. Opting for a colour that is a contrast to the rest of the walls in the room will re-energise your fireplace so you can relax in front of it.

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The faux fireplace

Faux fireplace made to look real with scattered wooden logs and a light to act like a yellow flame.

Fireplaces add charm and character to a home, simply by existing. But, even if you can’t have a real wood-burning, or electric fireplace, you can still re-create the look and experience of one with a faux-place!

To bring your vision of a fireplace to life simply gather as many birchwood logs as you can source and place them in the space where the fireplace once sat. This will offer an illusion of a real fireplace, with all the visuals of one – minus the hassle.

Decorating the mantlepiece above your faux fireplace will also let you get creative and add style to your new design. You can even change the mantle-décor with the seasons for an ever-refreshed feel.


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