Spring renovation trends for your home

Spring isn’t just a great season to clean your home, it’s the perfect time to renovate it as the temperature starts to creep up and you can open your windows and doors. There are always new and exciting ways to turn your house into an amazing space with striking exterior details and clever use of materials. Here are some of the latest home makeover trends to put on your radar.

Minimal glass doors


Image source: The Caulfield Company

Swapping solid walls for sliding or folding glass doors that lead to the garden has been a big trend for the last few years but what’s new is the kind of panels that are now on offer. As well as the glazing providing ever greater insulation, the latest styles have been designed to obscure as little of the view outside as possible, meaning that when you look through them, all you’ll see is a gorgeous garden and not the doors themselves. A builder can advise on which doors are best for your home but slimline frames and minimal floor tracks are becoming increasingly popular, as are larger panes of glass – even up to six metres tall, such as this made-to-order sliding glass Cero door system by Solarlux from The Caulfield Company.

Create with concrete


Image source: Mustard Architects, Photographer: Tim Crocker

Concrete is cooler than ever and not just for outside or one or two elements of your home. Polished poured floors, worktops, walls, sinks and even forming bespoke tables and seating, there are very few applications that concrete can’t handle. A growing trend is to use it to create a wraparound look by opting for it as more than one surface. Rather than overkill, the effect is seamless with a feeling of craftsmanship, longevity and individuality. Even better, it’s hardwearing, adds texture without dominating visually and comes in a range of tones. Whether you prefer dark, graphite hues or soft pale shades, both are easy to coordinate with timber and almost any other colour.

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Outside-style windows and doors inside


Image source: Crittall Windows, photos courtesy of Stiff and Trevillion / photography by Kilian O’Sullivan

Open-plan living might have dominated the renovation agenda for the last few years but it’s not the only option for a home with a light, spacious look. Bringing in a window and conservatory specialist to introduce glazed walls and windows between rooms help create a similar feel but without the zoning problems that can sometimes affect large spaces. Perfect for creating partitions, letting extra light into a room without an exterior window or that has limited natural daylight, interior glazing is a perfect combination of style and functionality. These slim steel-framed InnerVision screens and doors by Crittall Windows are both unobtrusive and a distinctive decorative feature.

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Statement doors and more


Image source: Urban Front

Often overlooked but as much a key part of a renovation as larger elements, don’t forget about your windows and doors. Security tends to be a main concern when choosing a front door but there’s a huge array of styles and materials available, ranging from beautifully grained timbers and oversized hardware, to glossy lacquers and textured metal, such as this bronze door by Urban Front. Similarly, white gloss isn’t the only option for the woodwork around your windows, so think about trying soft neutrals, such as sage green and grey, on the exterior, with a paint shade on the interior that complements your room’s décor.

If you don’t have the skills or time to make over your space yourself, we have tradespeople across 30 different categories willing to lend a hand with everything from fitting a door, to painting woodwork and installing glazing inside your property.




  1. I love the idea of open-plan living, it’s modern and usually minimalistic, it’s great for apartments and great for spring! Great post.

      1. Not at the moment I definitely plan on it in the next couple of years, this post has inspired me I love the idea of an open plan flat for now.

  2. How about installing an AC and Heating system for new home or for another HVAC cleaning. It will help avoid the system failures during springtime or the time you need it the most. It will also help you save your energy bills.

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