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Creative kids bedroom design ideas

Creative spaces are so important for kids, especially at a time when they’ve been spending more time at home. So, let their imaginations run wild by giving their bedroom a makeover. We know kids bedroom designs work best when there’s plenty of clever storage, so get ready to transform your kids room into an imaginative den that’s both fun and functional with our favourite modern kids room ideas, below.

Go all out and make their dream bedroom

Childrens bedroom with swing and wooden furniture

Turn their space into a mini adventure playground with a swing so they have somewhere to daydream and relax. Add a playhouse and if ceiling height or the bedroom design allows, build a mezzanine or multiple levels with a ladder or slide to connect play and sleep areas.

Give the room a theme they’ll love

Scandinavian inspired kids bedroom

We all fantasised about the ultimate bedroom when we were younger, so why not give that to your kid? If they’re obsessed with skateboarding, surfing, animals or teddy bears, turn their passion into their bedroom theme, showcasing the things they love.

Create an epic bedtime

Kids bedroom with bunk bed and teepee

Whether your kid has their own room or there are a few of them sharing, a fun bed can be the centrepiece. We love fort-like bunk beds, which also have storage space or room for a play or homework zone underneath. It’s also easy to revamp a standard single bed – add a themed headboard and wheeled drawers underneath for storage.

Spark their imagination with cool lighting

Childrens' playroom with lighting

Unique, playful lighting can refresh their space. Go for something soothing and peaceful for bedtime – we love soft lights in the shape of stars, clouds and balloons. Fairy lights and constellation-style ceiling lights also provide a sense of adventure and wonder. 

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Decorate with punchy colours, fun fabrics and magical prints

Pastel kids bedroom

Match their energy and personality with vibrant paint colours and prints. There are loads of bright and brilliant kids wallpapers out there, perfect for making a statement or even a statement wall that will stimulate their minds and encourage imaginative play.

Looking for more decor ideas that won’t lose their appeal after a few weeks? Check out our blog post on ageless kids’ room decor.

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Include innovative storage

Bedroom with built-in storage around bed
Photo by Christa Grover on Unsplash

With toys getting moved around all the time, it’s nearly impossible to keep a kid’s room clutter free. But, with a bit of creativity, every spare space in a room can become a storage opportunity. Their bed is a great starting point – we love the idea of building a single bed into a raised customised storage platform, or using the space underneath a bunk bed. You could also build a reading nook or daybed around pull-out drawers, cubby holes and shelving. Take a look at more storage ideas to get your kid’s room in order.

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