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Upfront payment

Posted by Shade Banks, on
How much upfront payment should I pay before the start of work?
Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Hi Shade I personally wouldn't give anyone an up front payment, if they are ordering materials for your job pay for them once they are delivered on site, definitely not before! Will save yourself a lot of grief if you follow this advice. Ed


Adam... you would pay out possibly thousands on a special order, none refundable from the manufacturer with out taking a deposit from the homeowner as a sign of commitment? Not try to be agruementitive, totally respect yours and others views! I hope business is good.


I would disagree with 'a good company buy material for the first day' ! Depends on the trade and what you are having done. In the flooring trade there are many products that are made to order. These can cost thousands and due to being a special order the tradesman orders and pays for these products before production. If the home owner cancels or changes their mind for no fault of the tradesman then they are seriously out of pocket. Most flooring companies will either refuse a full refund or hit the tradesman with a huge cancellation fee, often up to 50% of the order! Find a good rated tradesman, follow up previous projects where desposits have been taken and ask to pay supplier direct with your card and have your name on the order.

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