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March updates for your home and garden

Are you ready for Spring? Cleaning might be at the forefront of your mind but this is also the perfect time of year to tackle small projects. Not only will they have a big impact on how your house looks and feels, but many can be ticked off your to-do list in a day. Here’s 4 home updates you can do to make March the month of inspirational home improvement.

Get your garden ready

Tulips in vase on outdoor table

Dreaming of an alfresco summer surrounded by beautiful blooms and a lush lawn? You’ll need to put some time into your garden now by:

  • Pruning shrubs.
  • Planting bulbs.
  • Putting up supports for climbing plants to twine around (if you’re planning on growing them). They shoot up quickly once it starts getting sunny.
  • Giving your lawn a cursory mow if it’s started to grow.
  • Mulching.
  • Taking out weeds.

Find a local gardener who can help you figure out the best design and layout for your garden. Get a quote now and make your garden an extension of your home!

March home updates: Rustic style garden seating area

Trees can block daylight into your home or in your garden, so now’s the time to tackle them. If the tree’s large, find a professional tree surgeon to prune it back or remove whole branches.

Plants aside, don’t forget to update exterior surfaces this March. Tired walls, decking, brickwork, furniture and fences can all be brought back to life with a fresh coat. You can do this yourself or find a painter.

Upgrade your bathroom

By making a few easy changes in your bathroom, you can turn it into an at-home sanctuary.

  • Replace existing taps: New taps will make your basin space more enjoyable to use, could help save you water and will put a stop to annoying drips. Always make sure you swap like for like, e.g. one single-hole mixer for another. A plumber can advise you on this.
  • Replace tiling or grout: If a tiled wall is looking past its best, refresh it quickly by regrouting. Or, you could completely re-tile it – simple metro tiles are inexpensive but also look fresh and contemporary.
  • Upgrade your shower: Change your showerhead to one with flow options, to give you the luxury of choosing between a soft rain spray or massaging jets. If you’ve noticed low water pressure in your shower, replace the unit with a digital model with a built-in pump to boost the flow. Speak to a plumber to see what’s possible.
March home updates: Modern bathroom with wood and white design elements
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Looking for a bathroom specialist? Get a free quote now!

Rethink windows and lighting

Brighter longer days mean now is the best time to swap thick curtains for a lighter treatment at your main windows, such as cheery striped blinds, unlined linen drapes, colourful rollers or even café-style shutters. Alternatively, you could simply swap the pattern from rich, heavy damask to seasonal florals. Changing your lighting will also bring a fresh feel, so think about hiring an electrician to install a statement pendant or wall lights to brighten up a dark space such as a hallway, or a network of spotlights to boost light in main rooms.

hallway statement pendant light
Image source: French Connection

Improve your storage

When almost every surface in your home has something on it, there are two choices: declutter or get some storage that works a lot harder. I favour the latter because I always seem to throw away something just as I need it. Fortunately, there are some great options available, from under-bed storage boxes that make the most of wasted space to clever modular cubes that can be easily added to, moved around where they’re needed most or mounted on the wall. If space is really lacking, however, it’s worth considering a bespoke solution. Built-to-fit cupboards that make the most of niches or fit around boxed-in pipework can easily solve storage problems.

Find a carpenter or joiner to help with new storage solutions.

cube wall shelves
Image source: James Design

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