Design ideas for small kitchens

When it comes to kitchens, size isn’t everything. It’s all about making the most of the available space. Whether that be clever storage solutions or lighting we have a solution that can help even the tiniest kitchen.

Use vertical space

Storage is always a problem, however big your kitchen you never seem to have enough of it. Small kitchens lack square footage so maximising floor to ceiling space is a must. There’s often dead space above wall cabinets, don’t let this happen in your kitchen. Build cabinets up to the ceiling or if you’re on a budget, use open shelving and invest in a stool to reach those higher up items.

kitchen shelves

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 Glossy kitchen units

Shiny surfaces make a room look bigger by bouncing light from surface to surface. Cabinets don’t need to be super high gloss, this subtle powder pink kitchen’s cabinets are light and bright and subtly reflect light around the room.

Light is the key to making a space look bigger and in the kitchen a good tip is to install down lights underneath cabinets. Remember that any electrical work conducted in the kitchen or bathroom needs to be done by a qualified electrician – this a legal requirement.

Powder pink kitchen

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 Undress the windows

Removing window dressings or installing slimline blinds that fit flush to the window will make the window area, which is often situated above the sink making it an already cluttered area, look more spacious and in turn let in more light.

It’s amazing how much more light is let in when you remove curtains and blinds – an estate agent trick.This isn’t practical for every room in the house but you probably wouldn’t miss having a blind in your kitchen (much).

kitchen window

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 Ceiling glazing

The only thing worse than a small kitchen is a small dark kitchen. If natural light isn’t in abundance, you’ve already taken down your window dressings and your kitchen still resembles a dungeon, providing budget isn’t an issue this is the solution for you!

A simple sky light can make a huge difference, alternatively a sliding glazed roof is a real statement for a minimalist modern kitchen. Read also maximise your kitchen lighting.

kitchen with sky light

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 Clever storage solutions

When space is limited you’ve got to get smart with storage. Even the smallest spaces can accommodate a useful device or back-ups of your favourite condiments.

Often off-the-shelf units won’t make the most of the space. For those with a large kitchen this isn’t as much of an issue. However, when space is tight custom built units can really make a difference to the layouts available and make the best use of awkward spaces. Storage can be snuck into the most unsuspecting places!

The walls in older properties are generally not square. This often means that a made-to-measure kitchen is either the best or only option. If you have an unconventional layout, exposed pipes or wonky walls, you may end up having to alter off-the-shelf units to make them fit anyway and spending as much as you would have on custom built ones.

storage solutions for the kitchen

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Small appliances

Manufacturers have caught on to the fact that we don’t all have space for an american style fridge and have introduced more compact alternatives. If you just can’t live without a dishwasher, fear not, Bosch have a slimline 45cm wide dish-washing space-saving solution. Choosing a 24 rather than the regular size of 30 inch refrigerator can make a difference too.

When you’re deciding on layout and units, make sure appliances aren’t an after thought. Either employ a kitchen fitting specialist or do your research – it’s worth it if only to save a few precious inches in an already compact space.

skinny apliances

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 Go for an open plan kitchen

Wall units take up a lot of space, a more open plan approach with ‘clutter’ on show can help open a space up. If you have a set of copper bottom pans why not show them off?

A free standing kitchen is a flexible solution that provides the worktop surface area which you get in a larger kitchen, with the ability to move the units should you want to open the space up to entertain.

If you just can’t live with a compact kitchen, an open plan living and kitchen space might just be the answer. Knocking down a partition wall can vary in cost and difficulty depending on whether it’s a support wall, or not. Removing divisions between your living and kitchen space is very popular with families. If you’ve been considering a more open plan living space this country kitchen is inspiring to say the least!

open plan kitchen

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No matter what solution you pick for your kitchen, make sure you get an expert opinion before any job is undertaken. At Rated People we have experienced kitchen specialists that can help you with any kitchen job. Post your project for free and receive up to 3 quotes from kitchen specialists near you.

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