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Open Plan Kitchen Design Tips

A real space saver, an open plan kitchen invites to both eating and entertainment. It becomes a light, airy space and will easily become the live-in room where you spend most of your time. The style lends itself ideally to small flats, where living space needs to be maximised or freed up. Knocking down a wall to marry two rooms together can therefore be a lucrative strategy, not the least as it can add serious value to your property.

open plan kitchen

There a few things to bear in mind when thinking about creating an open plan kitchen.

Create distinct areas

Open space kitchens work best if the room is separated into distinct divisions. A breakfast bar or kitchen island can act as barrier against the living or dining room, creating two clear-cut zones.

open plan kitchen designs
Storage solutions

When opening up space between a kitchen and a living room, there’s one wall less for storage. The solution? Focus on a kitchen island (if the room is big enough to accommodate one) or a breakfast bar with built-in space and power sockets. If you don’t have space for a dining area, the kitchen island or bar will also be the place where you eat. Install underfloor heating and remove radiators on walls to free up extra space.

Floor solutions

Carpet is unthinkable in an open plan kitchen, the risk for food accidents is far too high. Tiles or stone floors are the best durable solution, however laminate and wooden floors can make a space look more warm and homely.

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Keep it neat and tidy

Remember to keep the space uncluttered to avoid a messy look with too many distracting details. The decorations in your living room should be the focal point. Conceal kitchen appliances and hide kitchen utensil by hanging them or stowing them away in cupboards. Handle-free cupboards are ideal.


The design of the kitchen and living room needs to be in harmony, without two styles clashing. A minimalist, stainless steel kitchen won’t work with a chintzy living room. The same goes for the floor, carpet meets tile won’t impress anyone. Keep it consistent.

Ventilation and lighting

Add useful task lighting over kitchen counters and work stations. Fit lights under your wall units as these will come in handy when cooking and they will also function as mood lighting for dinners. Ventilation is key for open plan kitchens, so a big extractor fan is a must to prevent odours creeping into soft furnishings.

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