Should you convert your garage?

The cost of converting a garage ranges from £5,000-£10,000 depending on the size of the conversion and the type of rooms that you’d like to have within the extension. If you wanted to include a bathroom, you would need to factor in the cost of extra plumbing work to provide an efficient water supply. Different rooms have different demands.

The question is why would you and should you convert a garage? Does it add value to your home?

Garage conversion

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The short answer is yes, it can add up to 10% on to the value of your house, providing that it’s been well designed and implemented. If your aim is to create more living space, it’s a brilliant idea to consider – although of course, you’ll need to weigh up whether you have enough storage space throughout your home to compensate. Keep in mind that potential home buyers favour properties with lots of storage space for those odd bits and bobs which is where a well-designed (not necessarily converted garage) comes in.


If you run a car, you’ve got a bigger decision to make. Parking spaces are becoming harder and harder to find, especially in well-populated cities like London, to the extent where you can buy single parking spaces for a wide range of prices. If you’re looking for a parking space in Shoreditch, expect to pay £40,000, whereas in the more upmarket area of Kensington, you could easily pay £100,000. Rather than buy, more of us are choosing to convert our garages so that we have our own private parking spaces closer to our homes.

garage conversion design

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When it comes to your car insurance however, you need to make sure that you’re making the best decision. Different areas will have a different claims history, so if you live in an area which has seen higher numbers of claims relating to cars parked in garages, your insurance could be cheaper if you park your car on the street.

What is intriguing is the prospect of the dual purpose garage. This type of conversion involves a space which is used for more than one different function. It could be that you store your car within your workshop, team it with a media room or bypass car storage altogether and have a bedroom meets living room setup.

Living space in garage

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The benefits for the first two options are obvious – you keep your car parking space while providing extra living space. However, the finished result can look chaotic and messy, as if the room has been poorly designed. If you’re not careful and if the space is too small to begin with, the design won’t work where there’s a car involved. Nobody wants to be edging around a car to get to the other side of a converted room. The idea of a single purpose room is one that’s much more appealing!

converted garage

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If you’re considering undertaking one, make sure that you contact your local planning authority to become familiar with the latest planning permission and building regulations. As a general rule, planning permission isn’t required if you don’t plan to alter the building’s structure, however you’ll still need to comply with building regulations which cover areas such as fireproofing and ventilation. Standalone garages which aren’t attached to your property are also more likely to fall under the ‘change of use’ category which requires planning permission.

What are your thoughts on garage conversions? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. We have a stand alone double garage at the bottom of the garden with power only. What can be done with regards to conversion to studio apartment with a shower/bathroom with toilet.

    1. Hello – you might need planning permission to convert it, so that should be your first point of call and you should hire a builder/achritect to help you plan the conversion. You can post your job on Rated People to find a builder in your local area.

  2. i have single aspestos garage, i would like it replace by knocking down and new one in it place converted to a spare liveing space..ect shower toilet,could this be possible

  3. Hello Gillian, In order of importance, I’d first obtain quotes from reputable asbsetos removal companies, details may be found with your local council. Cost of dispoasl depends upon the amount of Asbestos in the garage i.e roof only or roof and walls. If youre happy with the quotes, engage an architect to help design it as plans from an architect can make it easier to obtain planning permission. Now you are in a position to apply for planning permission.

  4. I have a detached garage in my garden at the end of the drive way, I would like to convert it to a bed sit. The only issue is there’s a sewage pipe which feeds 4 houses near by will I be able to convert the garage and is it cosidered as a separate building under the council tax.

  5. Hi we live in an old cottage and have a detached stone garage/workshop with double doors 23ft 7″ x 14ft and we would like to make this into a single studio space complete with compact shower wet room/tiny kitchen and small living area for an air bnb let. We’re not sure if the space is too small for this though. What is the minimum size for this do you think please?

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