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Kitchen and Bathroom Underlay in Living Space

Posted by Amelia Muir, on
I’ve been told as the floor I want to laminate is concrete I need an underlay that soaks up moisture. I have therefore purchased a kitchen and bathroom underlay that says it has that property. Have I been told the correct information? Will the underlay I have got be sufficient?
Jim Loftus

Jim Loftus

Yes that is right. You also need moisture resistant laminate not the usual dry area type that is more common. Jim
martin wilburn

martin wilburn

Hi Amelia You have to fit a damp proof membrane when laying laminate or wood flooring over concrete (it's to block moisture not soak it up) some underlays have this built in and some require an extra layer adding. Screwfix has a suitable product, search for product code 7260r and you can compare what you have to this. Martin

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